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Vibratory and Deburring Cleaners
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Kleen MA Cost effective lightly acidic vibratory and burnishing
compound. Brightens aluminum and safely
removes carbon smut from steel and the media.

Kleen 976 All metal safe mildly alkaline vibratory cleaner and
dispersant. Highly concentrated with inhibitors.

Kleen 975 Mildly acidic burnishing compound formulated to
de-oxidize and brighten soft and ferrous metals.

Kleen LA Environmentally safe high detergent mildly alkaline
vibratory compound. Excellent on very oily soils.

Kleen 275 Mildly acidic burnishing compound with extremely
high levels of detergency. Media and components
remain exceptionally clean and bright.

Kleen 176 Concentrated mildly alkaline burnishing and vibratory
compound for all metals. Provides inhibition.