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Paint Booth Water Chemistries
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Detack ALK(s) Concentrated non-caustic and caustic based pH
and alkalinity adjusters. Contains added corrosion
inhibitors for multi-metal corrosion resistance.

Detack PK11 Excellent completely organic paint detackifier.
Formulated to detackify and disperse every paint
and coating without excessive sludge formation.

Detack PK12 Non-reportable version of Detack PK11. Formulated
to detackify and disperse every paint.

Defoam 2 Oil based non-silicone paint booth defoamer.

Defoam 4 Solvent based surface active defoamer for paint
booths and industrial washers. Concentrated.

Detack Floc(s) Select line of flocculants and coagulants designed
to agglomerate paint and float or sink the solids.

Detack Kote(s) Select line of water and solvent based pealable
coatings, clear gels, and removable pastes.