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Metal Stamping and Drawing Fluids - Water Soluble
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Draw SYN4 Completely synthetic free-rinsing heavy-duty liquid
compound. Excellent for stamping, drawing, and
perforating of ferrous metals and stainless steel.

Draw SYN2 Completely synthetic light to medium-duty liquid
drawing and stamping compound. Free rinsing.

Draw 190 Moderate-duty chlorine free soluble oil drawing
compound. Excellent lube and emulsion stability.

Draw 192 Heavy-duty water dilutable drawing and stamping
fluid. Contains extreme pressure additives.

Draw 225C Semi-synthetic micro-emulsion for metal forming.
Contains multiple non-chlorine EP’s for aluminum.

Draw 7904 Heavy-duty water dilutable deep drawing and
stamping compound. Contains chlorine and sulfur
compounds for the most difficult operations.