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Metal Removal Coolants - Synthetic
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Cool 618 Premium high performance synthetic machining
and grinding coolant. Excellent tool and wheel life.

Cool 600 High performance completely soluble synthetic
machining and grinding fluid. Excellent lubrication,
clarity, and rust protection for ferrous metals.

Cool 610 Medium-duty fully synthetic machining fluid.
Excellent sump life and tramp oil rejection.

Cool 604 Medium-duty grinding lubricant. Clear blue nonfoaming amine based product for multiple metals.

Cool 608 Medium to heavy-duty synthetic coolant. Specifically
formulated for machining cast iron and steel.

Cool 621M Medium to heavy-duty clear aluminum machining
coolant. Contains extreme pressure additives.

Cool 602 Oil-rejecting fully synthetic machining coolant.
Developed for multiple metals including aluminum.

Cool 630 Heavy-duty biodegradable oil rejecting ferrous
metal machining coolant. Low operating cost.

Cool NEO6 Non-petroleum neo-synthetic heavy-duty machining
coolant. Excellent for extreme gun drilling and
tapping operations without the use of chlorine.