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Iron Phosphates
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PHOS LM Extremely cost effective molybdate based combo
cleaner and iron phosphate. Multi-metal activated.

PHOS LM Plus Concentrated multi-metal cleaner and iron phosphate
combination. Will provide a deep etch on
aluminum and a uniform color to steel.

PHOS CP Standard cleaner and iron phosphate. High levels of
detergency for the toughest cleaning jobs.

PHOS 800 Premium matt gray chlorate based straight iron
phosphate. Excellent salt spray and humidity
performance with minimal sludge formation.

PHOS 820 Highly concentrated straight iron phosphate without
detergent. Traditional molybdate blue coating.

PHOS 840 Excellent premium cleaner and iron phosphate.
Very low sludge formation with exceptional tank life.

PHOS 673 Room temperature spray cleaner and iron
phosphate. High detergent multi-metal formulation
for high coating weights and energy savings.

PHOS 473 Pure detergent multi-use pH stabilized iron phosphate for immersion, spray, and steam. Superior salt spray resistance without heavy metals or strong oxidizers.

PHOS 860 Premium organic accelerated cleaner and iron phosphate. Provides the highest coating weights for painting and rubber bonding applications.