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General Purpose Cleaners
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Kleen 836LF Super-concentrated caustic based heavy-duty floor
and general purpose cleaner. Low dilution rates.

Kleen IL-10M Solvent-boosted caustic free multi-surface cleaner.
Economical to purchase and use.

Kleen A180 Very economical general purpose cleaner for light
to moderate-duty surface cleaning. Safe to handle.

Kleen A179 Solvent boosted streak-free heavy-duty detergent.
Quick drying, deep cleaning, and very effective on
and around paint booths and wet-paint systems.

Kleen 138 Mildly alkaline D’Limonene based powdered detergent.
Multiple uses for floors and all metals.

Kleen MC Economical combination coolant sump and general
purpose cleaner. Caustic and solvent free for safely
cleaning all metals and surfaces.

Kleen A181 Excellent multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser.
Effective in hundreds of industrial, commercial,
transportation, and institutional applications.

Kleen IL-04M Multi-purpose solvent boosted alkaline cleaner and
degreaser. Similar to household Fantastic™.

Kleen 396 Proven spot-free solvent boosted GP cleaner for
medium to heavy soils. Very economical to use.

Kleen SF Heavy-duty non-toxic water-free floor and surface
cleaner. Designed specifically for sub-zero freezer areas.

Kleen 395 Heavy-duty solvent boosted cleaner for floors,
exhaust hoods, and machinery. Very economical.