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Cleaner Rust Inhibitor Combinations
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RPC 12M Near neutral pH multi-metal spray cleaner and rust
preventative. Leaves a clear amine based film.

RPC SL-15M Completely aluminum and multi-metal safe
non-nitrite cleaner and rust inhibitor. Prevents
flash rust between the cleaning and rinsing stages.

RPC 20M Clear triethanolamine based cleaner and rust
inhibitor. Cost effective and multi-metal safe.

RPC 14F Non-amine and non-nitrite cleaner rust inhibitor.
Environmentally safe and worker friendly.

RPC 16M Highly effective cleaner and nitrite based rust
inhibitor. Used in heated washers above 105ºF.

RPC 695VS Extremely unique long-term non-reportable rust
inhibitor and cleaner. Excellent humidity resistance
and removal characteristics. HIMS: 1,0,0.

RPC 18M Combination cleaner and non-nitrite / non-amine
long term rust inhibitor. Very safe to use.

RPC 22M Mild alkaline pH rust inhibitor and cleaner.
Formulated to quickly split oils in-process.