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ADD 30 D'Limonene and surfactant booster for industrial
spray and immersion systems. Pleasant smelling.

ADD 36 High temperature surfactant booster for systems
operating from 120ºF - 200ºF. Low foaming.

ADD 32 Solvent and surfactant booster for spray and
immersion systems. 70ºF - 120ºF operating range.

Stryp ADD4 Solvent based additive for alkaline cleaners.
Excellent for removing paints, mold release, rubber
residue, and adhesives on all metals.

ADD 34 Solvent and surfactant booster for wax, paraffin,
and stearate removal. Highly concentrated.

ADD 38 D'Limonene based water soluble petroleum oil
replacement. Strong and environmentally friendly.