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Alkaline Spray Cleaners
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Kleen SL-01F Heavy-duty non-foaming alkaline spray cleaner.
Excellent for cleaning carbon smut without silicate.

Kleen 758 Heavy-duty phosphate-free highly caustic cleaner.
Provides excellent detergency with long tank life.

Kleen SL-03M Micro-filtratable long-life multi-metal cleaner.
Completely non-foaming above 120ºF.

Kleen SL-07F Heavy-duty solvent boosted ferrous metal cleaner.
Excellent on paraffin, wax, and stearate based soils.

Kleen SL-09M Low temperature solvent boosted multi-metal
cleaner. Wide temperature range of 70ºF - 180ºF.

Kleen SP-11M Non-caustic powdered multi-metal cleaner.
Excellent on carbon and baked-on oil deposits.

Kleen SL-21F Heavy-duty liquid eco-friendly ferrous metal cleaner.
Does not contain chelate, phosphate, or solvent.

Kleen SP-19F Premium heavy-duty powdered ferrous metal
cleaner. Removes the most tenacious of soils.

Kleen 190 Premium high alkaline cleaner and stearate remover.
Removes cold forming lubes, rust, smut, oil, and paint.

Kleen SL-05M Heavy-duty silicate-free multi-metal cleaner. Cleans
animal fat and lard based oils without foaming.

Kleen 943 Non-caustic mildly alkaline product for all metals
and plastics. Excellent detergency and rinsability.

Kleen SL-13F Inexpensive highly caustic liquid heavy-duty ferrous
cold temperature cleaner. Wide operating range
from 55ºF - 210ºF without foaming.

Kleen 637 Low-temperature moderately alkaline detergent.
Formulated for low cost and multi-metal safety.

Kleen 190D Economy version of the Atlantic Kleen SL-190.

Kleen SL-17M Excellent oil splitting mildly-alkaline multi-metal
cleaner. Improved cleaning over hazardous caustic.

Kleen 983 Free-rinsing mild alkaline multi-metal cleaner.
Excellent in-process oil splitting performance.