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Alkaline Immersion Cleaners
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Kleen IL-16M Heavy-duty multi-metal safe grease and carbon
remover. Formulated for tenacious food, transportation,
and automotive remanufacturing soils.

Kleen IL-06M Mild D'Limonene based alkaline combo immersion
and ultrasonic cleaner. Multi-metal safe formula.

Kleen 650 Aluminum and tri-metal powdered product.
Especially long tank life and economical to use.

Kleen IL-04M Multi-purpose solvent boosted mild alkaline cleaner
and degreaser. Designed to duplicate Fantastic™.

Kleen IL-08M Mild pH high detergent product. Eliminates potential
galvanic attack between dissimilar metals.

Kleen IP-14F Heavy-duty powdered caustic cleaner and de-ruster for ferrous metals. Excellent for tubes and bundled wire.

Kleen 512 Premium extremely heavy-duty liquid with high levels
of builders and detergency. Outperforms any
product in deep-cleaning oils, stearates, and waxes.

Kleen AC2 Moderate-duty multi-metal soak cleaner. Gentle
cleaning for baked-on and oxidized organic soils.

Kleen 512NC Heavy-duty ferrous metal cleaner with high levels of
detergency. Chelant-free disposal formulation.

Kleen 512LF Heavy-duty ferrous metal combination spray and
soak cleaner. Especially effective in high speed wire
drawing where moderate foam control is important.

Kleen 967 Highly concentrated mildly alkaline multi-metal
cleaner. USDA approved for multiple applications.

Kleen IL-02F Very heavy-duty ferrous metal immersion cleaner.
Formulated for the toughest industrial soils.

Kleen 621 Heavy-duty economical powdered soak detergent.
Excellent cleaning and particle soil dispercency.

Kleen IP-12F Low cost heavy-duty powdered caustic cleaner and
paint stripper. Excellent as a paint booth purgent.

Kleen 104T Heavy-duty powdered cleaner with solvent action.
Built for heavy grease, oil, and rust removal.