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DeOX PS Aggressive mineral based cleaning acid for oxide
removal of multiple metals. Economical.

DeOX 155 Unique mildly-acidic corrosion remover. 5-15% BV
removes all rust and corrosion within minutes.

DeOX PCS Strong blend of select acids for cleaning and
complete de-scaling of washers. Solvent boosted.

DeOX H Unique non-fuming worker friendly cleaner and
de-ruster. Contains safe biodegradable acetic acid.

DeOX CHF Citric acid based cleaner for cleaning and
brightening all metals. Excellent on aluminum.

DeOX FNP Select blend of acids for cleaning, pickling, and
etching of aluminum. Will not allow redeposition
or plating of dissimilar metals.

DeOX 017LF Excellent phosphate-free molded plastics cleaner.
Use prior to painting and metalizing for cleaning
and surface charge neutralization.

DeOX 964 Concentrated blend of citric acid and detergents
designed as a safe alternative to traditional nitric
acid passivation for stainless steel components.
Meets new 2002 ASTM designation A967-01.

DeOX 1001 Excellent product formulated to remove scale, weld,
and laser burn on ferrous metals. Improves paint
adhesion over weld seams and ‘laser burn’.

DeOX UF Ultrafiltration and microfiltration cleaner and
purgent. Safely and effectively replaces potentially
hazardous inorganic acids.