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Acid, Alkaline, and Neutral PH Rust Removers
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DeOX SAFE New and innovative neutral pH rust remover.
Formulated for complete and safe oxide removal.

DeOX AS Rust remover plus heavy-duty alkaline cleaner and
paint stripper. Effective at ambient through 195ºF.

DeOX IP-14F Heavy-duty caustic cleaner and de-ruster. Excellent
particulate removal for ferrous metals in dip tanks.

DeOX PS Strong mineral based acid. Developed for pickling
and scale removal on multiple metals.

DeOX PCS Strong blend of acids for de-scaling of washers and
pickling. Solvent boosted for added oil penetration.

DeOX PSCS Blend of phosphoric, sulfuric, and citric acids for
deep cleaning. Excellent aluminum brightener.

DeOX 1,0,0 New and innovative neutral pH rust remover and
light-duty cleaner. Extremely safe with HIMS:1,0,0.

DeOX 105 Premium-quality hot tank immersion cleaner and
rust stripper. Low foam oil-split formula.

DeOX 155 Unique mildly-acidic corrosion remover. 5-15% BV
removes all rust and corrosion within minutes.