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New Products
August 1, 2007:  Milestone Achieved Atlantic Specialty Chemicals achieved a sales milestone by exceeding (5) Million US dollars in annualized sales prior to the corporations’ 5th anniversary.   A sincere ‘Thank You’ goes out to our valued North American and oversees customers! March 16, 2007:  Innovation: Nanotechnology  Atlantic Specialty Chemicals introduces several innovative chrome-free nanotechnology pre-treatments, for aluminum and ferrous metals, which provide unmatched corrosion resistance properties and paint adherence. The 787 series of products forms an invisible coating on aluminum and resilient non-phosphate finish on steel within the same wash operation.  Customer have successfully replaced chromic acid seals, fluoride or hydroxide etch, shot and grit blasting, iron and zinc phosphates, and poor performing non-chrome seals with these pioneering formulations.